Friday, 26 September 2014

Children Blogging for Purpose

Having just launched my class blog (google-  "Classhopper blog"), I have successfully attracted comments from my pupils. However, after just a few short weeks, I have the same few who volunteer to comment at home in their own time. They also choose to comment under my less academic posts (Minecraft and 1D- both pupil requested titles). 

So several questions remain for me to grapple with:
1. How can I tempt them to enter my writing competition and blog a longer piece of writing of good quality? (I don't have time in class as I am a ppa teacher).  ( Possible answer blogging could be included as a choice for Takeaway homework).

2. How do I encourage more pupils to join the blog?

3. How can I keep the momentum going without the site getting clustered?

My aim is to raise standards of pupils' writing. Any tips would be well received.
Thank you for reading my blog today!
Heidi Singleton
Primary School Teacher years 2-5.

1 comment:

  1. It seems to me that at our school we need to find a way to harness our pupils love of a Minecraft.


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