Friday, 12 September 2014

What's in and What's out - part 2

I also believe that some teachers could, on occasion, focus too much on assessing whether or not a pupil has met which of the 3 differentiated SC, that they miss other more important assessment opportunities. Finally, I just wonder if the time spent typing up differentiated SC, cutting them out and sticking them in; is proportionate to their impact on pupil progress? The researcher in me is now itching to locate any research that has been carried out in the area of use of SC and its' impact on learning. To conclude, I awkwardly admit that for me differentiated SC are 'OUT', when it comes to my list of essential teaching and learning tools. 

What I prefer to do with SC, rather than sticking in predetermined differentiated ones, is to encourage pupils to generate their own success criteria. I believe that this works very well, for example in PE. It helps to keep the SC alive in the lesson as pupils feel more ownership over them. 

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