Monday, 23 March 2015

Twitter Inspired CPD

Mine and my colleagues' CPD have recently exploded due to using Twitter. From asking for specific resources or advice, to networking and idea swapping, it has become our main and virtually only method of CPD. 

It was a great means of communication that helped when organising our Teachmeet; and Primary Scratch Jam.  It allowed us to secure sponsorship and funding as well as delegates to attend our events. 

More recently I have discovered the fantastic Twitter based forums, including Primary Rocks (Monday night 8-9); amongst others. I have also heard about Staffroom and am keen to start blogging on that site.

I find with Twitter that one find leads to another and thus I have discovered fantastic websites and apps thorough Twitter links; e.g. Literacy and Maths Shed websites. 

I also find out about conferences, including Pedagoos, that I would never have known about otherwise. 

Children love it when a celebrity retweets their work or responds to a tweet!

One of my favourite Twitter advantages is finding other local teachers and organising events for local teachers and staff to meet up and idea swap. 

So get tweeting teachers and spread the word!

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